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Artist portfolio

Feb 18

New portfolio site for Benny Casey is now live. Take a look at his work over at - with subject matter ranging from Mexico's drug wars to Norwich's Grant Holt.

No news is good news

Jan 15

Super stacked with new and ongoing projects. Recent activity has included the release of a simple gallery site for photographer Charlie Harber, and the learning of some important life lessons working on the branding for these guys...

Smokey Logo

Less talk more work

Jun 25

Busy few months - had our heads down breaking the back of a huge social networking site for architects. Also produced a portfolio site for a film production company and a visual makeover for a food research company, both going live in the coming months.

Digital designer's portfolio site goes live

Jan 27

We've just launched a brand new portfolio for Craig Jones, a digital designer. Craig supplied us with a strikingly clean & modern design to demonstrate the work he's done for top brands such as Ford and We took this design and sprinkled it with a load of jQuery, CSS3 & HTML5 to bring it to life.

The site is built on the Less Framework system to ensure it's optimised for a variety of browser resolutions. Toggle the grid on and resize the browser to see it in action.

New merch for The Loyal Few

Dec 10

Just back from the printers, take a look at The Loyal Few's first batch of merch with the brand new logo.

The Loyal Few Merch

Head over to the The Loyal Few Facebook page to find out where to pick it up.

Font embedding services

Dec 05

Having experimented with several payment / subscription-based font embedding solutions in the past (Typekit & Fontdeck), I thought I'd give Google's free solution a spin for the headers and navigation on this site -

Officially it's still in beta but is not noticeably buggy, just a little light in terms of their selection of fonts. Probably the easiest of every solution to implement, and obviously the cheapest, it seems a decent option - definitely better than the now out-dated SIFR alternative.

[UPDATE] Since the latest redesign I've ditched the font embedding in place of images - although decent on a Mac, it seems Windows can't yet render them as cleanly as you'd expect.

New sites for a furniture designer and a social platform for young professionals

Sep 18

Couple of new sites recently. We've been helping with the IA and build for a redesign of high-end furniture site .

We're also putting together an ambitious networking and resourcing site for young professionals but more on that soon.

Collaborations & Charity work

Mar 30

It's been a busy couple of months that's seen us perform some SEO for an educational website, set up some UX workshops and experiment with some interesting techniques for Flickr integration. We teamed up with a London-based design agency to create the IA for a prestigious events venue, and also gave a helping hand to St Luke's Hospice of London to set up and skin a CMS for their latest event.

The Loyal Few Youtube channel

And to capitalise on The Loyal Few setting up camp on the homepage of YouTube, we made a banner to promote their YouTube channel.

Logos & launches

Jan 24

We were recently asked to create a logo for the re-brand of a London-based music school.

Music Business School

We've also launched a couple of new CMS sites - one to promote personal training courses and another for a beautiful hotel in the lake district.

Makeover & update

Nov 13

The past month has seen us finishing off a couple of web projects that will be going live at the start of next month. In the meantime we've given the site a bit of a makeover. Big images, lots to load and doesn't work in ie6 - never mind...

Download the background.

The dry spell

Sep 24

Being a single man in London is tough, or so it would seem... It was only after 250 days of having, ahem, last having relations with a woman, that a good friend of ours realised just how tough it was.

We built him a site to broadcast his experiences, after all a problem shared is a problem halved...

The Dry Spell

[UPDATE] The site's seems to have died a death as it hasn't been updated for months, but there are hints of a revival coming soon.

The loyal few

May 20

We've been working with our good friends from The Loyal Few for years now, including the design for their last website. However, when it came to redesigning their site, we got thinking about what a band really needs from a website. The trouble is that bands, and particularly unsigned bands, have to use all the channels they can to get them more exposure and connect to current and potential fans.

A Myspace profile is pretty much taken for granted these days, as is a Facebook presence for your band. But even Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and a account are all common place. One thing leads to another and before you know it a band could have 6, 7, 8+ profiles across a variety of sites without even trying.

In any other situation, this is the sort of time we would propose a website that pulls all of this together. Where's the logic in keeping your photos on a different site to your tracks, and your Twitter feed different from your gig listing? And that's exactly what the last The Loyal Few site did.

But it didn't work. It didn't get updated as often as Twitter, as much traffic as Myspace, or have as many photos as Flickr.

The Loyal Few site

The new website actually does very little, particularly in comparison to the old site, but what it provides is a jumping-off point to all their profiles, sites and services that The Loyal Few can be found on. And beyond that? You can download their E.P. And that's it. It will never be a burden to update and spoon-feeds the user with every link to every site of The Loyal Few.

This strategy will inevitably change should the band's popularity increase sufficiently to command a high level of traffic to the site in it's own right, however for now, this is exactly what the band need.

Take a look at the new site now, and download a free copy of their E.P. while you're at it.

Community arts initiative

Mar 18

We were recently approached by R-Art, a new eco-aware community arts initiative who are starting to run workshops and classes for young London-based artists, to design a website and some eco-friendly branding.

We've thrown up a holding page for them while the new site is under development. If you know anyone who may be interested in this fantastic scheme then they'd love to hear from you.

Search marketing project

Feb 17

actionaction have just been commissioned to manage the search engine optimisation and PPC advertising for a new employment website

All Your Interiors

Feb 13

We've just finished working on a fun little project for a new interiors design and home makeover startup - allyourinteriors.

We put together a logo and brand identity plus a portfolio site to show off their most recent projects. Take a look at the results or head over to to check out their work.

actionaction update update

Jan 21

So, after a year of mostly ignoring our stagnant, unloved and largely barron portfolio site, we thought it was time for a revamp, so here it is. We've stripped it of the dead weight, had a makeover and added some personality.

Keep checking back to see what we've been up to and what we've been enjoying.

Follow us on Twitter, add us on or drop us a line if you have any questions, comments or queries. We're always interested in new projects so feel free to get in touch for a quote for anything, big or small.

There's no such thing as a typical actionaction project. We've already delivered a vast range of projects for everyone from start-ups and charities to recruiters and architects.

We're just as happy taking a full brief as we are stepping-in when your developer's let you down or your designer can't turn something round in time.

We can't always talk about the projects we've worked on or the client's we work with but take a look below to see a selection of work that we can share. If you would like any more examples of the services that we offer then just give us a shout.

Simple static websites, scalable content-managed sites, social networks, blogs, or anything in between.

Let us handle the whole thing, or get us involved to talk user experience, search engine optimisation, social strategy or anything else you can think of.

  • graffles - in development
  • graffles - in development

Online, offline, branding, marketing, concepting. 'Just giving it a bit of a polish' or starting from scratch.

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We have a number of illustrators that we work with - either as a stand-alone illustration or as part of a bigger project.

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  • The Loyal Few Logo
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  • The dry spell